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The Pride of Parenthood | Redeeming Fatherhood

The Pride of Parenthood | Redeeming Fatherhood By: John Sohl June 26, 2021 “I am convinced that by reflection upon the way that Mary’s spouse shared in the divine mystery, the Church—on the road towards the future with all of humanity—will be enabled to discover ever anew her own identity within this redemptive plan, which […]

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Sharing the Father’s Love – 16th Anniversary of JPII’s Death

Sharing the Father’s Love By: John Sohl   During the Year of St. Joseph, the FRP team like so many others is slowly working its way through the Consecration Prayers to Jesus through St. Joseph written by Jen Settle of the TOB Institute and Dr. Greg Bottaro of the CatholicPsych Institute. Fr. Donald Calloway’s book […]

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The Power of Humility

The Power of Humility By: John Sohl   Fatherhood and manhood are here to stay. They may be misunderstood or regarded as irrelevant in today’s age of social media and family confusion, but our link to the past cannot be deleted even if its forgotten or unknown. I know I’m very blessed to have a […]