Happy 41st Birthday TOB!

Forty-one years ago today, Pope John Paul II stepped onto his balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Square and delivered his first Wednesday audience on the “Theology of the Body”. One year ago today –on the 40th Anniversary– I began recording myself as I read aloud the text of each Wednesday audience delivered by Saint Pope John Paul II in Vatican City. This is a dense text to traverse…as my friend DJ Heunemen at Ruah Woods said, “Reading the TOB Audiences is a bit like wading through concrete.”

Indeed! The text of TOB is certainly not something one might pick up and begin reading for pleasure. Should you be intrigued and decide to wade into the deep of this ocean of human anthropology, know that it took St. JPII five years to present this profound teaching to the world!  It was said that the Holy Father went to bed each night around 1am and awoke at 5am every day of his pontificate. Talk about discipline!

During his papacy JPII wrote an average of 3,000 pages per year. Yet, this masterpiece which he chose to begin his extraordinary legacy as our Holy Father was something he had planned to publish as a book while still a Cardinal Archbishop in Krakow, Poland.

He began writing the TOB text on December 8, 1974 –the Feast of the Immaculate Conception– with the words “Totus Tuus” [Totally Yours] dedicating the work to Our Lady. These were the same words he would enshrine as his papal motto, and his Theology of the Body came right along with it!

During the papal conclave that would elect John Paul I, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla brought with him the manuscript (a work in progress) which he hoped to work on should he have time during the conclave.

After the election of his predecessor, Cardinal Wojtyla returned to Poland and completed that manuscript; then, as my teacher Bill Donaghy once said, “It was almost like [while the final ink was still drying on the page] the Holy Spirit tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘Come with me…'”

Just weeks later, in October of 1978, Cardinal Wojtyla was elected Pope John Paul II and within the first year of his papacy he began using that completed manuscript–not as a book, but as a teaching tool to evangelize the unbelieving world he had inherited.

Now, by God’s grace and the direction of the Holy Spirit, Family Renewal Project is honoring JPII’s commitment to Marriage and the Family. I’ve come to realize four main principals of FRP:  Family, Formation, Friendship, and Faith.

First, we want to become a trusted resource throughout the area for building strong Families.

Second, we hope to establish FRP as the area leader for Formation & Education in JPII’s Theology of the Body.

Third, to emphasize our friendship and collaborative spirit with our Families and Educators, we hope to establish Good Shepherd Institute of the Bluegrass as the trusted Catholic psychological services provider in the area.

Finally, and most importantly, none of this would be possible without the gift of Faith in Jesus Christ and His Church – ours and yours! Without the prayerful support, participation, and generosity of so many FRP would not exist. And my simple attempt at mimicking JPII’s TOB Wednesday audiences would’ve never gotten off the ground. Praise You Jesus Christ, now and Forever! We Trust in You!

John’s recordings of the TOB audiences can be found on the FRP YouTube Channel. 

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TWO FIRSTS (actually three): LARGEST TOB Gathering in History & Flagship “Head & Heart” Course Available ONLINE

I just spent the afternoon pouring through the outline of my TOB Immersion Course workbook, and what an incredible refresher it was! That week was one of the most life changing and important weeks of my life, for it brought me out of my self-inflicted desperation and prepared me for my true calling in life. Theology of the Body is God’s great gift to humanity in our times, as was its composer, St. John Paul the Great.

I was in 8th grade when JPII passed away on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday that year, just a week after my Confirmation, and since then, I have felt directly affected by his prayers in Heaven. My introduction to this Theology of the Body happened just a couple years later as I entered high school.

It was then that I found myself enamored with the message of authentic love between men and women, especially when the dating world has become so confusing and chaotic! He gave me the answers to my deepest questions, and thanks to Christopher West’s beautiful translation of the deeper theological language, my 16-year-old self could understand it!

That’s when I decided in my heart to attend the TOB Institute one day, though at the time, I knew the cost would be the most significant obstacles to a teenager getting ready to enter college. How could I have known that just 10 years later, I would be driving to the first official TOB Immersion Course that was being offered in Dallas, TX in March of 2017! Now, by God’s grace and through the generosity of an incredible donor, I have completed eight courses at the Theology of the Body Institute and will finish my certification program by April of 2021!

Family Renewal Project was founded in the midst of this incredible journey, and now, we are beginning to offer wonderful opportunities for people of all ages to have greater access to this message in Louisville! One day, we hope to offer more in-depth, retreat-like courses similar to the Institute, but in the meantime, we remain grateful for their unique ability, and the breadth of their wisdom and experience!

This past weekend, the TOB Institute offered the largest TOB Gathering in Human History, with almost 80,000 people who registered and took advantage of over 30 hours of powerful presentations and live discussions offered through this beautiful lens! Theology of the Body, after all, gives us the answers to two of our most burning questions: What is My Identity? and What is My Purpose? By delving into the full vision of what it means to be human, from our origin [beginning] to our history [now] to our destiny [future]—we can discover our story and see how each of us fits into God’s great plan for eternal happiness!

Now, for the first time ever, the TOB Institute is offering the same Immersion Course ONLINE! If you’ve ever considered attending this course at the Institute or had a desire to go deeper into the specifics of what it means to be human and how we can best live out our purpose and vocation, then this course is for you! This course will enhance your life, open up your senses to new horizons and only add to the incredible life God has planned for you. Sign up today to start your incredible journey to the Promised Land. https://corproject.com.securechkout.com/tob1onlinemay2020  [Registration Deadline: midnight Wednesday, May 13, 2020

* Another first: On May 5 FRP hosted our first ever online webcast. View the replay HERE.

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Team Spotlight: John Sohl

1. How long have you been with the FRP team?  I’ve known Donna Burry since 2013/14 and began collaborating with Family Renewal Project within weeks of its founding. My official employment began in February of 2019 after coming home from World Youth Day in Panama.

2. How did you get involved with FRP?  I got involved through my ongoing relationship with Donna Burry and Susan Gendron. I’ve known Susan since I was in 7th grade at St. Aloysius in Shepherdsville, KY (before it closed down!). I read The Good News About Sex & Marriage by Christopher West (a book I believe Susan lent my mom who gave it to me to read!) and  have been enraptured with Theology of the Body (TOB) ever since. I’ve been involved with many TOB-related ministries within the last few years and in March of 2016 was granted a very generous gift that allowed me to attend the necessary graduate-level courses at the TOB Institute toward completion of my Theology of the Body certification. Family Renewal Project was founded only 2 weeks after I completed the first of eight TOB courses and because everything FRP offers is through the lens of TOB, joining with them seemed like a logical next step. 

* OF SPECIAL NOTE: Literally, today John is completing the last day of his final TOB immersion course. He will soon begin his practicum and once completed & accepted by the Institute he will be the ONLY person in the ArchLou who has earned the TOB Certification! 

3. What is your favorite thing about FRP?  My absolute favorite thing about Family Renewal Project is that it serves as a vessel for major transformation! I believe FRP is positioned to become a beacon for men and women seeking healing and renewal in their lives, understanding their purposes, and their family relations. Our TOB Crash Courses have already taken 100’s of people on a deeper dive into their own family and faith formation and are set to become a catalyst for incredible healing and renewal (and now we have the option for professional, Catholic psychological assistance when needed). 

4. What’s one of your favorite FRP memories to date?  I will ALWAYS remember the day in March of 2019 when we came together as a TEAM for the first time [in the Reide Room at Holy Family Church] and began facilitating the powerful message of TOB to people from across the ArchLou. Praise God for such incredible timing and openness to the Holy Spirit! 
5. What’s one of your favorite things to do?  Beyond spending time with family and friends, I absolutely LOVE to act in theatrical performances. I have been Nephew Fred in my parish’s production of A Christmas Carol since I was 15 years old, I’ve also played the Prince in Cinderella, and had parts in comedies and other short skits. Acting and producing plays is one of my greatest passions; I never knew it would become so near and dear to my heart. One day I hope to write and produce a play on the lives of the Saints through the lens of what the ideal modern + messy Catholic family might show us! 

6. What’s one of your favorite books and/or movies?  Without saying the obvious choice–the Passion of the Christ—I would say my favorite movie of all time is a more obscure movie called Frequency. It’s got Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid, but my oh my it is a thriller and a beautiful story of father and son finding a bond they didn’t think was possible, all through a mystical encounter from above. That’s all I’m gonna say about that!

7. If you could learn to do anything right now, what would it be?  It would definitely be to play the piano near perfectly and with effortless ease. I’ve taken lessons off and on for years, but I’ve always longed to be able to sit down and play anything (and everything!) for the sake of my family and friend’s enjoyment…AND for the ability to compose my own music!

8. What’s one place on your travel bucket list?  Rome! My parents visited Vatican City/Italy in 2005 and I’ve been mesmerized with their stories ever since. It not only changed their life, but I think it positively changed the life of our family from that point forward. (Jerusalem will be checked off the bucket list for me and my wife next month, when we go on a “Theology of the Body” Pilgrimage to the Holy Land — the place where God became man and took on a BODY!)

 9. What’s the last experience that made you a stronger person?  GETTING MARRIED! October 5, 2019 Crystal Ann Rose Sohl and I entered into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. So much goodness, beauty, and truth has come from that day, and I’m so excited to renew our vows every year and deepen our relationship with Christ together as husband and wife!

10. What’s one of your favorite Bible verses?  My all time favorite Bible verse is Psalm 139: “You have formed me in my inmost being; you have knit me in my mother’s womb. Behold, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” I love the whole verse, but that’s the most recognizable part of it.

Our incredible Formation Coordinators – John and Cathy!

John and his wife, Crystal

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Introducing Catholic Couples Network

Put your hands together for another Family Renewal Project ministry coming January 10, 2020!

The Catholic Couples Network is designed to support Catholic couples in their marriages by providing community, spiritual formation, and fertility resources.

Marriage is a beautiful and challenging vocation that calls us out of ourselves and compels us to serve our spouses.  In holy matrimony, we enter into a covenant that mirrors God’s unconditional covenant with His people. And as affirmed in Romans 8:38-39, in this covenant, “Neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come…nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  So it is with our love for one another.  We CHOOSE each other, day after day, in small matters and in big.  And this commitment becomes a sign of God’s love for us and for all who witness our marriages and families.

Sadly, holy matrimony today is threatened by a culture that widely accepts co-habitation, contraception, pornography, and abortion.  Catholic couples need a safe-haven to support them in their holy pursuits.

This is where the Catholic Couples Network comes in.

First and foremost, this group provides opportunities for couples to meet others who share their Catholic values and to build friendships based on common experiences and challenges.  It is a place where couples can be who they are, without feeling like they need to hide their faith or their struggles.  It is our hope that this place of comfort and encouragement will foster growth for couples who participate.

Of course, this ministry will also provide spiritual support, meeting couples where they are and walking with them on their journey to holiness.   This support will take the form of priestly guidance, prayer, and sacramental celebration. We will also dedicate time to deepening our understanding of Theology of the Body: Pope Saint John Paul II’s beautiful vision of the human person that illuminates the beauty of our bodies as gifts to our spouses.

Finally, the Catholic Couples Network will offer fertility resources for married and engaged couples. Katie Parris, FertilityCare Practitioner of the Creighton Model System, and Angela Hobbs, Student Teacher of the Marquette Method, are both members of the group who can offer instruction in these fertility awareness practices. We will also have guest speakers to provide information on NaProTECHNOLOGY for those who may struggle with fertility.

As Pope Francis said in Amoris Laetitia, “The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church.”  As such, it is essential that the Church support Her couples and help them develop in their commitments to their vows and their Catholic values. The Catholic Couples Network is born out of this need and hopes to achieve that goal by providing married and engaged couples with the community and the tools they need to thrive.

To register for January 10th event (which will focus on prayer, with a guest appearance from FRP chaplain Fr. Martin Linebach) please visit: https://www.familyrenewalproject.com/event/couples-night-with-catholic-couples-network/. While you’re there, follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to connect with other couples and stay up to date on all of our upcoming events!

Give your “yes” to your spouse and your “yes” to God’s call to strengthen your marriage!

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FRP, TOB and Respect Life

Emails, text messages, coffee dates, carpools…our lives are short, but FAST! Many lament about the affects of our fast-paced lifestyles and yet can’t seem to slow down if they wanted to!

But when you get a minute--usually right before you go to bed or maybe as soon as you wake up in the morning–do your thoughts ever bring you to a subject you know not of? In the silence of your heart…What do you wonder about? Are there any “existential questions”–resting just below the surface–that perhaps really only pop their head up in those moments when you’re confronted with silence? 

Questions like: “Is there more to life than what I do on a daily basis?” ” Is there more to love than what I see around me?”  “What the heck am I even here for?” 

If your answer is “Yes!” then could we venture to say: you probably don’t know why? WHY those thoughts are there or what you should do with them? One could argue, if we wanted to, we could banish that silence from our lives completely.  A quick click of the remote or swipe on the smartphone makes it pretty easy. Notice, I’m not saying that’s a good idea (it’s actually a very bad idea), but it is possible and even desirable to some.  But why?

There is deep within each of us the desire to be loved.  Intensely… Immensely… Unconditionally… But then more questions pop up.

What would happen if I actually let myself feel and connect with that desire?  Wouldn’t I just end up being disappointed?  Can anything REAL even come close to satisfying?

I think a good place to start is to think about where that desire comes from. I propose that it is “written in our DNA” and it calls out from within us.  God created you and has inscribed His very own love in your heart.  He loves you with that kind of love and He made you for that kind of love.  You are: Unrepeatable!  Irreplaceable!  Indispensable! 

Do you believe that? When the current world population is estimated at 7.7 billion…and when you imagine the count of all the people who have lived throughout history and will live in the future….how is it possible that you are unrepeatable, irreplaceable, AND indispensable? 

We’re talking about it! October 22nd.

If you attended the “Made for More” event(s) in Louisville this September, the theme of this presentation will feel familiar. We’re giving you MORE about the uniqueness of YOU and every person. WHY it’s so important that we respect ALL life. And HOW we can do more of that in our daily lives–busy or not!

No registration is required. It’s going to be a great night at Holy Family Parish (The Reide Room) and we hope to see you there!