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Sharing the Father’s Love – 16th Anniversary of JPII’s Death

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Sharing the Father's Love By: John Sohl   During the Year of St. Joseph, the FRP team like so many others is slowly working its way through the Consecration Prayers to Jesus through St. Joseph written by Jen Settle of the TOB Institute…
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Introducing Catholic Couples Network

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Put your hands together for another Family Renewal Project ministry coming January 10, 2020! The Catholic Couples Network is designed to support Catholic couples in their marriages by providing community, spiritual formation, and fertility…
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Creighton Model Q/A

Have you been wondering what the Intro to the Creighton Model Event is all about? Did you think it was only for couples? KEEP READING and see what Katie Parris, FCPI + Instructor for this event had to say in this Q & A! FRP: The Creighton…
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The Philosopher’s Underground: A 4-Part Series

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Discover Your Story with FRP's latest series: The Philosopher's Underground! While philosophy may seem ethereal and unnecessary, it really is the opposite. Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom, of understanding.…