July 5, 2024

Dear Friends,

There is an old saying that, “All good things come to an end.” Well, sort of…

It was October 2019 when I began working with Good Shepherd Institute of the Bluegrass, the Catholic counseling ministry of Family Renewal Project [FRP] in Louisville. My initial role was to supervise the founding therapist, Elina Holland. Then, in July of 2021, when Elina stopped working outside the home and there was no one to replace her, I offered to travel to Louisville two days each week to provide counseling services during the interim between Elina’s departure and a new counselor being hired.

I can truly say that these four years and nine months that I have been a part of FRP have been some of the best professional times of my 50-year career. During this time I have met some of the most wonderful, faithful Catholic people in the world – YOU!

Since Elina left to have baby #4 (and another bambini since then!) Donna and Garry Burry (co-founders and director/president of FRP) have been seeking a well-formed, faith-based clinical counselor to replace Elina – and me. What we thought would be three months of part-time work turned into three years of weekly trips to be here with and for all of you.

Well, a full-time replacement has now been hired! Originally from Maryland, Mr. Andrew Van Roie received his Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. Recently, he and his new wife, Therese, arrived in Louisville for him to take on his new role.

So, what will happen now? As soon as the state completes Andrew’s licensure application, he will begin seeing clients. I will continue seeing my regular clients every Tuesday and Wednesday through the end of July [my last in-person days will be July 30/31].

Throughout the month of July, Andrew will be present with me during regular office hours so you can meet him and decide if you wish to transfer your counseling to him. For those who prefer to remain in counseling with me, I will be available for virtual counseling (telehealth) through your Simple Practice client portal.

As I prepare to end my weekly visits to Louisville and in-person appointments with you, I have mixed emotions … I’m sad that I will not be able to be with you in person and I will greatly miss all the FRP folks who have been truly wonderful to me [I’m sure much more than I’ve deserved!].

But life on this side of Heaven is filled alternately with old journeys ending and new journeys beginning. On my last birthday I turned 75, please pray for me as I start this new journey in my life and ask the Lord to please show me what He would also have me do now that my Louisville travels are coming to an end.

It’s reminiscent of a roller coaster that takes you high and runs you fast, then before you know it the car is rolling to a stop in the station and we must disembark and let the new riders have their go. It’s now their turn with the thrills, excitement and uncertainties that make these journeys so stirring, so inspiring, so amazing and also so unforgettable.

Yes, some journeys seem to end too quickly. In preparing to leave my place here I must say that being with all of you dear ones in Louisville these nearly five years has been quite a blessed and wonderful ride.

With my love and gratitude to each of you,
Dr. Rich Meyer