TWO FIRSTS (actually three): LARGEST TOB Gathering in History & Flagship “Head & Heart” Course Available ONLINE

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I just spent the afternoon pouring through the outline of my TOB Immersion Course workbook, and what an incredible refresher it was! That week was one of the most life changing and important weeks of my life, for it brought me out of my self-inflicted desperation and prepared me for my true calling in life. Theology of the Body is God’s great gift to humanity in our times, as was its composer, St. John Paul the Great.

I was in 8th grade when JPII passed away on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday that year, just a week after my Confirmation, and since then, I have felt directly affected by his prayers in Heaven. My introduction to this Theology of the Body happened just a couple years later as I entered high school.

It was then that I found myself enamored with the message of authentic love between men and women, especially when the dating world has become so confusing and chaotic! He gave me the answers to my deepest questions, and thanks to Christopher West’s beautiful translation of the deeper theological language, my 16-year-old self could understand it!

That’s when I decided in my heart to attend the TOB Institute one day, though at the time, I knew the cost would be the most significant obstacles to a teenager getting ready to enter college. How could I have known that just 10 years later, I would be driving to the first official TOB Immersion Course that was being offered in Dallas, TX in March of 2017! Now, by God’s grace and through the generosity of an incredible donor, I have completed eight courses at the Theology of the Body Institute and will finish my certification program by April of 2021!

Family Renewal Project was founded in the midst of this incredible journey, and now, we are beginning to offer wonderful opportunities for people of all ages to have greater access to this message in Louisville! One day, we hope to offer more in-depth, retreat-like courses similar to the Institute, but in the meantime, we remain grateful for their unique ability, and the breadth of their wisdom and experience!

This past weekend, the TOB Institute offered the largest TOB Gathering in Human History, with almost 80,000 people who registered and took advantage of over 30 hours of powerful presentations and live discussions offered through this beautiful lens! Theology of the Body, after all, gives us the answers to two of our most burning questions: What is My Identity? and What is My Purpose? By delving into the full vision of what it means to be human, from our origin [beginning] to our history [now] to our destiny [future]—we can discover our story and see how each of us fits into God’s great plan for eternal happiness!

Now, for the first time ever, the TOB Institute is offering the same Immersion Course ONLINE! If you’ve ever considered attending this course at the Institute or had a desire to go deeper into the specifics of what it means to be human and how we can best live out our purpose and vocation, then this course is for you! This course will enhance your life, open up your senses to new horizons and only add to the incredible life God has planned for you. Sign up today to start your incredible journey to the Promised Land.  [Registration Deadline: midnight Wednesday, May 13, 2020

* Another first: On May 5 FRP hosted our first ever online webcast. View the replay HERE.